Azure Migrate

  • Discover, assess, right-size, and migrate your on-premises virtual machines (VMs) to Azure

    • Azure Migrate helps you discover, assess, and migrate applications, infrastructure, and data from your on-premises environments to Azure. You can centrally track progress of your migration journey across multiple Microsoft and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) tools.

Pricing Details

Azure Migrate and Azure Migrate tools are available at no additional charge.

Tool Scenario Pricing
Azure Migrate Server Assessment and Migration Free1
Database Assessment and Migration Free2
Web App Assessment and Migration Free

1Dependency visualization is free for the first 180 days from the day of associating a Log Analytics workspace with Server Assessment. After 180 days, standard Log Analytics charges will apply. The use of any solution other than Service Map within this workspace is not free and will incur standard LogLog Analytics charges. Azure Migrate: Server migration is free for first 180 days for each machine. After 180 days, $25/month per instance replicated will be applied. Note that for the first 180 days, you will not incur any Server Migration licensing charges, but you might incur charges for Azure Storage, storage transactions and data transfer during replication.

2Database Migration Service (DMS) is free for first 180 days, learn more about DMS pricing.