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Azure Monitor is a platform function used to monitor and control Azure resources. Azure Monitor allows you to gather detailed performance and usage data, activity and diagnostic logs, and notifications, in a consistent way. You can use Azure portal to view and analyze monitoring data and set up alert-based automated actions.

Pricing Details

Log Analytics

Log Analytics is billed per gigabyte (GB) of data ingested into the service.

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.
Features Free units included Price
Data Ingestion 5 GB per customer per month1 ¥23.4/GB
Data Retention 31 days2 ¥1.02/month
1.The first 5 GB of data ingested per customer to the Azure Log Analytics service every month is offered free.

2.Every GB of data ingested into your Azure Log Analytics workspace is retained at no charge for the first 31 days.


Metrics show a range of time series and are billed according to the number of time series and the number of API calls performed.

Metrics queries are free before August 1, 2018. Metrics queries will be billed at the rates below from August 1, 2018 onward.

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.
Features Includes free units Pricing
Metrics queries 1,000,000 standard API calls per month ¥ 0.101/1,000 standard API calls

Billed on the basis of the number of standard API calls per metrics query. A standard API call analyzes 1,440 data points (1,440 is also the total number of data points that can be stored per metric per day). If the API call analyzes over 1,440 data points, it will be calculated as more than one standard API call. If the API call analyzes less than 1,440 data points, it will be counted as less than one API call. The number of standard API calls is calculated on a daily basis by dividing the number of data points analyzed per day by 1,440.

  • Metrics for 90 days are provided at no charge. If you need to retain more than 90 days of metrics data, you can route the metrics data to a storage account or Event Hub, and you will then be billed for the corresponding Storage or Event Hubs. You will also be billed for the corresponding API calls for metrics queries required to route the data.


API calls that return 2,000 data points will be calculated as 2,000/1,440 = 1.4 standard API calls.

API calls that return 200 data points will be calculated as 200/1,440 = 0.1 standard API calls.

Tracking five metrics from 100 virtual machines at a granularity level of one minute will produce 720,000 data points, i.e. (720,000/1,440)500 standard API calls per day.

Alert rules

An alert rule is charged based on the type and number of signals it monitors. A signal can be a resource metric, a log or an activity log. The cost of an alert rule that monitors multiple signals is the sum of the cost of monitoring each signal and any enabled features.

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.
Metrics1,2 10 monitored metric time-series per month ¥1.02 per metric time-series monitored per month
Log None 15-min interval (or greater): ¥5.09 per log monitored per month
10-min interval: ¥10.18 per log monitored per month
5-min interval: ¥15.26 per log monitored per month
Activity Log Unlimited Free
Dynamic threshold3 None ¥1.02 per dynamic threshold per month
1.Price listed here represents the price of an alert rule monitoring a single metric time-series originating from a single resource.

2.Pricing is applicable to the new generation metric alert rules available under Alerts, previous generation alert rules (Alerts Classic) will continue to be available at no charge.
There is a configuration limit of 100 metric time-series alerts, 100 activity log alerts, and 10 action groups per subscription. Contact Azure support to increase the limit.
Activity logs are available for a 90-day period at no charge. To retain activity log data beyond the 90-day period, activity log data can be routed to a storage account or event hubs. Corresponding charges will apply for storage and event hubs, respectively. No charges are incurred for API calls to pull activity log data.
Alerts offered as part of Azure Security Center (ASC) are not currently charged.

3.A dynamic alert is billed for the dynamic threshold capability and the underlying metric alert.
a.The price of an alert rule which monitors the CPU utilization, and RAM usage (i.e. 2 metric time-series) for 10 VMs, and has dynamic threshold enabled, can be calculated as,
Price of alert rule + Price of dynamic threshold
(10 VMs * 2 metric time-series per VM – 10 free units) * ¥1.02 per metric time-series alert rule per month + [(10 VMs * 2 metric time-series per VM) * ¥1.02 per dynamic threshold per month] = ¥30.6 per month
b.The price of an alert rule which queries 1 Log analytics workspace for a ‘404-error’ event every 15-minutes can be calculated as,
1 workspace * 1 log alert query * ¥5.09 per log alert rule per month = ¥5.09 per month


Billed according to the type and quantity of notifications you choose to send.

Features Includes free units Pricing
Email 1,000 emails per month ¥ 20.30/100,000 emails
Webhook 100,000 webhooks per month ¥ 6.10/1,000,000 webhooks
Text message
Country/region code Includes free units Pricing
China (+86) ¥ 0.219165/per text message
Hong Kong SAR, China (+852) ¥ 0.179988/per text message
Australia (+61) ¥ 0.36252/per text message
Brazil (+55) ¥ 0.148188/per text message
France (+33) ¥ 0.34344/per text message
Germany (+49) ¥ 0.634855/per text message
India (+91) ¥ 0.026711/per text message
Ireland (+353) ¥ 0.251856/per text message
Japan (+81) ¥ 0.29256/per text message
Netherlands (+31) ¥ 0.8586/per text message
Singapore (+65) ¥ 0.197605/per text message
South Africa (+27) ¥ 0.158491/per text message
South Korea (+82) ¥ 0.29892/per text message
United Kingdom (+44) ¥ 0.22896/per text message
United States (+1) 100 text messages per month ¥ 0.065635/per text message


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Support & SLA

If you have any questions or need help, please visit Azure Support and select self-help service or any other method to contact us for support.

Using Azure Monitor, you can gather detailed performance and usage data, as well as activity and diagnostic logs, and define alerts and notifications for Azure resources in a consistent manner. We guarantee that notifications will be delivered successfully at least 99.9% of the time. To learn more about the details of our Service Level Agreement, visit the Service Level Agreement page.