Azure 重要提示: 关于实名身份信息收集的通知!(奖励只针对 2016 年 1 月 21 日之前提交实名信息的用户)信任中心


为了响应和落实 2016 年 1 月 1 日起生效的《中华人民共和国反恐怖主义法》第二十一条的规定“电信、互联网、金融、住宿、长途客运、机动车租赁等业务经营者、服务提供者,应当对客户身份进行查验。对身份不明或者拒绝身份检查的,不得提供服务”,我们需要请您在 3 个工作日内( 1 月 21 日前)点击这里输入相关实名身份信息,否则将可能依法暂停您的部署或订阅,从而影响您正常使用 Azure 服务。

非常感谢您的理解与支持!我们会严格遵守隐私声明条款妥善保管您的数据。2016 年 1 月 21 日之前提交实名信息的用户,可获得 168 元 Azure 服务代金券。活动说明:

  • 每个账户只能使用一次代金券
  • 代金券将于 2016 年 5 月开始发放
  • 适用于发放之日时有效的标准预付费账户
  • 有效期为一年

如有疑问,您可致电我们的客服热线 400-089-0365。

Dear Customer,

To implement Article 21 of the Anti-Terrorism Law which takes effect from Jan 1st, 2016 that"Business operators and service providers of telecommunication, internet, finance, accommodation, long-distance passenger transportation, lease of motor vehicle etc. shall verify customers' identification; customer with unknown identity or refusing identification verification shall not be served", we need you to click here to provide identification information within 3 business days (by Jan 21st ). Otherwise, your deployment or subscription will likely be suspended according to the law, which may affect your normal use of Azure services.

Appreciate your understanding and support! We will strictly protect your data by following privacy statement. Customer who submit real name authentication before Jan 21st, 2016 will get an Azure service voucher valuing RMB168 with following notes:

  • Each account can use one voucher only
  • The voucher will be delivered after May 2016
  • Applies to valid Paid In Advance (PIA) customers on the delivery day
  • The voucher is valid for one year

For any questions, please call our service hotline at 400-089-0365.