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Azure provide you service at a favorable price. Become an Azure PIA customer, you can enjoy up to 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement). You can rapidly deploy infrastructure and services to fully meet all of your enterprise needs, help you reduce operational costs and allow you concentrate on your core business.

A low PIA threshold

Pay just ¥1,000 in advance to fully enjoy all services

Flexible billing

Billing by minute according to usage

A multi-level pricing system

Set basic, standard, premium pricing according to different needs

Pricing details

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Azure as a global service, we use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to calculate the usage. We will satisfy your diverse, multi-level enterprise needs by providing individualized service, different configurations, levels, series, and pricing separately according to how much time you use. At the same time, we provide completely free services like Batch and Azure Active Directory. Quickly browse through Popular Services, and immediately apply to become a Azure customer:

Virtual Machines

Starting from
3 types of VMs operation systems
Use Chef, Puppet or Power Shell to deploy
Support Microsoft SQL Server
Deploy Ubuntu, Suse, CentOS
Support Solid State Disk (SSD) VMs

Cloud Services

Starting from
A/D series options
Create an infinitely scalable and highly available app
Support .NET , Java , Node.js, etc. languages
Support integrated resource deployment,
monitor operational state, and load balancing
Available for memory-intensive applications


Starting from
4 categories and 3 level redundancy options
Streaming and storage for backup, other unstructured text, or binary data
Blob Storage accounts with more favorable pricing by adding "hot" and "cool" tiers
Support Windows API or REST API shared files
Support Solid State Disk (SSD)

Virtual Network

Starting from
¥0.25/gateway hour
2 types of VPN Gateways
Create a virtual private network (VPN)
Connect using static/dynamic routing or a high-performance VPN gateway
Free inbound virtual network data transfer
Include an IP address and DNS server


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MySQL Database on Azure Retirement Customer FAQ

We have summarized detailed FAQ for your better migration experiences from MySQL Database on Azure. Please refer to the MySQL Database on Azure migration FAQ and instructions.