Azure Web PubSub pricingAzure Web PubSub pricing

  • Easily build real-time messaging web applications using WebSockets and the publish-subscribe pattern

  • Azure Web PubSub service is a fully-managed service that allows developers to focus on building real-time web experiences without worrying about capacity provisioning, reliable connections, scaling, encryption or authentication. The service makes it easier to deliver experiences such as chat, live broadcasting, and IoT dashboards.

Explore pricing options

Web PubSub service is currently available in Free and Standard tiers. These tiers are differentiated by the number of concurrent connections, messages and maximum units allowed.

The following table summarizes the difference between the two tiers:

Free Standard Premiumpublic preview
Concurrent Connections per Unit 20 1,000 1,000
Messages / Unit / Day 20,000 unlimited (free for the first 1,000,000 messages)1 unlimited (free for the first 1,000,000 messages)1
Price / Unit / Day Free ¥9.66 ¥12.72
Max Units 1 100 100

Additional Messages:

Additional messages may be purchased for the Standard tier and Premium tier.

Messages ¥6.36/per million messages
1 1 million messages is equivalent to 2GB outbound traffic