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Real-time data stream processing from millions of IoT devices

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Azure Stream Analytics is an event-processing engine in the cloud that uncovers insights from data generated by devices, sensors, cloud infrastructure services, and applications in real time.With out-of-the-box integration for Event Hubs,Azure Stream Analytics can simultaneously ingest and process millions of events per second, and can deliver actionable insights or alerts with ultra-low latencies, rich visual dashboards, and kick off actions to other services.

Pricing Details

*The following prices are tax-inclusive.

*Monthly pricing estimates are based on 744 hours of usage per month.
Standard streaming unit ¥0.723/hour

Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge Preview

Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge Preview enables you to run your stream processing jobs on devices with Azure IoT Edge. Create your stream processing jobs in Azure Stream Analytics and deploy them to devices running Azure IoT Edge through Azure IoT Hub.

Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge Preview extends all the benefits of its unique streaming technology from the cloud down to devices. It enables you to run Complex Event Processing (CEP) closer to IoT devices and run analytics on multiple streams of data on devices or gateways.

This feature is free of charge during public preview.


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  • What is the streaming unit?

    The streaming unit is a unit of stream processing capacity with a maximum handling capacity of 1MB/s. The number of stream processing units is chosen by the customer through the Azure portal or the stream analytics management API. And the stream processing unit can be used to extend stream processing operations to achieve higher handling capacity. Moreover, more stream processing units may be needed to achieve performance requirements, according to the complexity of the query and the required handling capacity.

    Streaming units are billed hourly, based on the maximum number of units selected during this hour..

  • What are the factors affecting the pricing of the stream operations?

    The primary factors that impact streaming units pricing are query complexity, query latency, and the volume of data processed. .

  • Is there a limit on the number of streaming units that can be selected?

    There's no limit on the number of stream units. While the default quota for streaming units per region for a single subscription is 48, you can request a larger number of streaming units by filing a support ticket.

  • Does the running steam require Event Hubs during operation?

    It is recommended that Event Hubs be used as the transfer center for the scalable event, so as to be regarded as the solution for stream analytics. Currently, stream analytics also supports pulling data from Azure Blob. We may consider integrating with other input sources in the future.

Support & SLA

If you have any questions or need help, please visit Azure Support and select self-help service or any other method to contact us for support.

We guarantee that availability of the stream analytics API is at least 99.9%.

We guarantee that the deployed stream analytics operation will process data 99.9% of the time.

To learn more about the details of our Service Level Agreement, please visit the Service Level Agreements page.