Azure Stack HCI pricing

Run your production workloads on hybrid, familiar hyperconverged infrastructure


Azure Stack HCI is hyperconverged infrastructure host from Microsoft – now delivered as an Azure hybrid service. Run Windows and Linux virtual machines on-premises on a host platform that is IT friendly and is managed by you with existing tools, processes, and skillsets.

Azure Stack HCI is priced on a per core basis on your on-premises server.

Pricing details

Host Service Fee

Azure Stack HCI                    Monthly service fee ¥ 63/physical core/month
Customers with Windows Server Datacenter Software Assurance can exchange their Windows Server licenses for Azure Stack HCI licenses at no additional cost.

Azure Stack HCI offers a free trial for the first 60 days after registration. You will be charged the monthly service fee after your first 60 days using the service.

*Monthly pricing estimates are based on 30 days.

Add-on workloads (optional)

Windows Server subscription
(for guests)
Monthly service fee    ¥460/physical core/100 days
Windows Server subscription offers a free trial within the first 60 days of registering your Azure Stack HCI. You will be charged the monthly service fee after your first 60 days of using Azure Stack HCI.

Windows Server subscription gives you unlimited Windows Server guest licensing rights through Azure. Learn more.

Windows Server Datacenter with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Azure Stack HCI           Monthly service fee ¥0 additional cost        

Windows Server DC customers can extend their SA benefit to get Azure Stack HCI at no additional cost. Learn more.

How to buy Azure Stack HCI

There are two options to buy Azure Stack HCI software. Please note that an Azure subscription is required to complete the full set-up on your server hardware.

Option 1: Buy a validated hardware solution from one of our partners with Azure Stack HCI software pre-installed.Browse solutions.

Option 2: Install Azure Stack HCI software with free 60-day trial built-in on new or repurposed hardware (must match capability of a solution in Azure Stack HCI catalog).Download software.


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