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Managed DisksManaged Disks

Use Azure Virtual Machine permanent and secure managed disk storage

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  • You can effortlessly expand by creating thousands of disks simultaneously in a few minutes
  • Industry leading durability and availability, achieving simultaneous data replication of three distinct copies.
  • Granular Access Control provides a high level of security
  • Effortlessly migrate in a few minutes
  • Many available Storage options
  • Simplified management

    Allocate a storage type (Premium or Standard) and the required size, Azure will create and administer Managed Disks.

  • Expand Virtual Machines deployment

    With just one Azure subscription, simultaneously create thousands of Managed Disks in minutes. Create up to 1,000 Virtual Machines in a single scale set to deploy as a single large cluster, for example, a large scale Hadoop or DataSynapse deployment.

  • More Security

    Using Azure depends on the Access Control role, which is used for granular access control on the Managed Disks. Permissions are limited to the assigned work role.

  • High durability and availability

    Data is simultaneously replicated into three distinct copies. If one copy has a problem, you can proceed to the other two copies, which helps ensure data durability and high error tolerance.

Many Storage options

If low-latency and high throughput are extremely important for production and sensitive workloads, choose Premium Managed Disks Solid State Disks (SSD). For economically efficient development and testing or non-crucial workloads, use cost effective Standard Managed Disks that rely on Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

Effortless migration

You only need to restart once to effortlessly migrate a standard managed disk to an Premium Managed Disk, and you can migrate Azure Resource Manager virtual machines to Managed Disks. While keeping within previous maintenance intervals, effortlessly migrate the process completely in a few minutes.

Migrate to Managed Disks

Periodic backup

Managed Disk backup is a periodic snapshot. Later you can create a new Managed Disk by taking a snapshot of an existing standalone source disk.

Custom image management

You can create a managed custom image from a virtual disk or a running virtual machine. Using a custom image in the same region you can create many Virtual Machines or a large scale set.


You can use Azure Disk Encryption to encrypt data through customer- or Microsoft-managed encryption keys.

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