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Persistent, secure disk options that support virtual machines

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Whether you need a workload with a high degree of availability or cost-effective options for testing, Azure Disk Storage can provide the durability, availability, and security that virtual machines need. For I/O intensive apps (where low-latency and high-throughput are critical), select Premium Disk Storage (SSD). When rapid expansion and scaling are needed for testing, consider using Standard Disk Storage (HDD) to reduce costs.

Simple management

Designate a storage type (SSD or HDD) and disk size to create a Managed Disks and Azure will create and manage the disk for you.

Overview of Managed Disks

Highly durable, available, and secure

Azure Disks are 99.999% available. Your data will have three copies and be highly durable, allowing the user peace of mind. If one or two copies have problems, the remaining copy will help ensure data durability and high tolerance for errors. This structure helps Azure to continue to provide enterprise level durability for IaaS disks, with an annualized fault rate of 0%, reaching industry-leading levels. Encryption is also used to automatically protect static data.

Why choose Azure Disk Storage?

Not all cloud disk storage is the same. Azure provides:

1. Certified direct migration - Azure SQL Database, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft SharePoint with Premium Disk Storage have all already been inspected and verified for trustworthy and fully integrated deployment solutions.

2. Cache-enhanced features - when using Premium Disk Storage and DS series Virtual Machines, unique caching features reduce latency and improve functionality.

3. Cross-Platform - supports Linux and trusted Microsoft solutions for end-to-end integration providing verified options for customers.

On-demand, effortless extension

Will migrate local enterprise apps to the cloud so that you can eliminate hardware and infrastructure management tasks. Expand and scale virtual machine storage based on your needs to respond to unexpected increases in traffic or the need to expand data storage space. Improve and transform your entire infrastructure (Windows or Linux). Get highly scalable, globally available cloud storage.

Low-latency, high-throughput storage

Under conditions where functionality is paramount, use Premium Disk Storage (SSD) to achieve low-latency and high throughput. Use large-scale Azure Virtual Machines (GS series) to build a high-performance database. The user can experience as much as 80,000 IOPS and 2,000 MB of maximum disk throughput per virtual machine per second. Even cache speed is faster (this cache speed responds to high-demand enterprise workloads).

Premium Storage Overview

Cost effective testing

Lower local costs through simple cloud extensibility that supports DevOps goals and testing workloads. If you do not need standard functions, durable data protection is in Standard Disk Storage (HDD) to start testing virtual machines as needed.

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