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Highly efficient and simple text messaging service, suitable for verification code, notification text messaging, and Member Marketing Campaigns

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Text messaging service

CEF text messaging service supports text messaging verification code, text messaging notification, and text messaging Member Marketing Campaigns. Trip-Play dedicated channel resources provide you with a robust and highly efficient text messaging service, which can be used for a variety of scenarios such as account registration and sign-in, system notification, meeting notification, and store events.

Apart from receiving and sending text messages with API, CEF also provides convenient phone SDK to help accelerate the implementation of verification code sign-in, so that users can be onboarded with ease. The SDK has features to help with generating, managing, and verifying SMS dynamic passcodes.

Product Features

Arrival within 5 seconds, high performance, high-speed dedicated channel, exclusive signature, personalized template

Trip-Play, 10690 dedicated numbering block, full carrier support across all numbering block

99% arrival rate, information stack processing, high-capacity and high-concurrency processing, multi-channel redundant backup

Fast API access, support status callback and upstream text messages, dedicated SDK to implement verification code sign-in, real-time text message data count

Application scenarios

Verification code

Text messaging verification code is a verification method which sends a random code to the user’s mobile phone. It can accurately and safely verify a user’s identity.

Primary application scenarios:

Account registration, SMS sign-in, password recovery, payment verification, information change, etc.

Notification text messaging

Sends notifications to the user’s mobile phone in the form of text messages, to allow the user to understand the enterprise service status, receive system notification, and confirm activity completion.

Primary application scenarios:

Payment receipt, order notification, meeting reminder, service notification, event notification, logistics information, etc.

Member Marketing Campaigns

Send users information on product offerings and promotional activities in the form of text messages.

Primary application scenarios:

Membership benefits, offer notification, promotional activities, etc.

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