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Computer Vision APIComputer Vision API

Distill actionable information from images

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Analyze Images

This feature can find visual object-related information using tags, descriptions, and specified domains to identify content and mark it as trustworthy. Installing the “Adult/Indecent” app enables adult content restriction. Recognizes image types and color schemes.

Read Image Text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can detect text in images and convert the detected characters into computer-readable text. It can analyze images and detect embedded text, create character streams, and enable searches. It can obtain text pictures and cut down on time and energy spent copying.

Preview: Read Handwritten Text in Images

This technology (Handwriting OCR) will allow you to detect and capture handwritten text in notes, letters, articles, whiteboards, and forms. It is suitable for different styles and backgrounds, for example, white papers, yellow notes, and white boards.

Handwritten text recognition already saves time and energy, and by permitting the capture of text images, eliminates the need for transcription for greater work efficiency. It digitizes handwriting so that it is available for rapid and easy searches. It can reduce the confusion of piles of paperwork.

Note: This technology is available for preview and only works with English.

Recognize Celebrities and Landmarks

Celebrity and landmark models are examples of domain-specific models. The celebrity model can recognize 200,000 business, political, sports, and entertainment celebrities. The landmark model can recognize 9,000 natural and man-made objects from around the world. Specific domain models are in the Computer Vision API and performance is continuously being updated.

Near Real-Time Video Analysis

Near real-time video analysis: Any Computer Vision API can be used for video files by extracting video frames from a device and sending them to your choice of API call. Get faster results from video.

Create Thumbnails

Create a fully usable, high-quality thumbnail storage memory based on any input image. Use the thumbnail to create a modified image to better satisfy your size, shape, and style needs. Use intelligent cropping to create thumbnails that have a different feel yet retain the aspect ratios of the original image.

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