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Cognitive Services APIsCognitive Services APIs

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Cognitive Services enable you to develop applications with powerful algorithms using only a few lines of code. You can easily complete configuration across devices or platforms, whether they are iOS, Android, or Windows.

  • Face API

    Detects the location of people’s faces within an image. Performs facial comparison, grouping, and identification based on visual similarity from faces where the user has tagged the identity.


  • Computer Vision API

    Extract rich information from images to classify and process visual data, and protect your users from harmful content.


  • Content Moderator API

    Machine-assisted content moderation APIs and human review tool for images, text, and videos.


  • Text Analytics API

    Detect sentiment, key phrases, and language from your text.


  • Translator Text API

    Easily conduct real-time text translation with a simple REST API call.


  • Language Understanding API API

    A machine learning-based service to build natural language understanding into apps, bots and IoT devices. Quickly create enterprise-ready, custom models that continuously improve.


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