Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Ensure secure, reliable content delivery with broad reach


Advantages and features

  • Total coverage: 1000+ Nodes in domestic, 600+ Nodes in overseas covering all the key markets in six continents around the world and 34 provincial regions in Mainland China.
  • Outstanding performance: The BGP network’s middle layer effectively eliminates carrier barriers, increases back to source effectiveness, and reduces stress on the source site. The edge CDN uses hierarchical storage to easily cope with huge numbers of concurrent accesses and quickly presents content to users.
  • Secure and stable: Unique Smart Routing technology enables nodes to monitor dynamically and schedule intelligently. By combining multiple CDNs, it can cope with traffic bursts easily and prevent the complete disruption of services caused by a single CDN failure. 24/7 online service for the protection of your website.
  • Simple and easy to use: All Azure CDN features are easily configured using the management console or APIs, enabling self-service and visual management.
  • In-depth integration with several Azure Cloud Services: CDN performs in-depth integration and optimization with Azure Cloud Services, including App Service, Cloud Services, Storage, and Media Services.
  • Flexible billing: Pay according to actual traffic used, perform configuration according to your needs. You can also contact the Azure CDN support team in advance in the event of foreseeable sudden peak bandwidth use.


Site acceleration

CDN Edge automatically recognizes the popularity of content and stores it hierarchically, accelerating the static content of highly concurrent social network information and photos by caching hot files to memory and SSD.

Download and video on demand acceleration

Integrates content upload, storage, and distribution of integrated services. Large edge storage controls cache hit ratio at 98% or more, effectively reducing source site pressure and bandwidth costs. Suitable for high bandwidth services including long video, short video, and app stores.

Live video acceleration

Supports mainstream streaming protocols including RTMP and HTTP. Provides a complete solution for content storage, slice transcoding and supports the distribution and rapid streaming of interactive live streams on thousands of channels.

HTTPS secure acceleration

The whole network supports the HTTPS transmission protocol, to prevent content from being hijacked and tampered with. This ensures data security and meets the requirements for scenarios including e-commerce, finance, and banking.